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Make it easier to edit workflows with lots of inputs/outputs

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I have a couple of workflows that have a considerable amount of inputs/outputs in them (For example, a bunch of keyword driven links).  I like to keep these workflow files organized, but find it painful to reorganize them because I can't seem to select multiple objects in a workflow at the same time.  Selecting multiple object at the same time would allow me to reposition several items at once rather than having to move each item individually.  Can you please add this feature to the next release?




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Selection in the workflow editor works in the standard OS X way.
SHIFT does not work (i.e. you can't select a "range" in Alfred), but holding CMD while clicking on an element adds it to the selection (or removes it if it's already selected), and you can drag to select a whole bunch of elements. CMD+A also selects all elements.

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