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Do Workflows allow form inputs?

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I'm considering moving from Keyboard Maestro to Alfred Workflows.  Before I do, I wanted to check to see if Alfred worklfows handle keyboard inputs?  I'd like to have automation that inputs text into forms in client apps.


Also, is there a way to try workflows before purchasing?





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Alfred is not a replacement for Keyboard Maestro (what is?). They are entirely different kinds of applications.


Workflows, at heart, allow you to put your own data into Alfred's GUI, select an item and perform an action on/with it.


Alfred is not suited to automating other applications. Workflows that work with other applications are more like hyper-convenient Quick Entry or Quick Search features, i.e. one-shot actions.


If you try to use Alfred for any kind of multi-step automation, like filling forms, you'll basically be doing 99% of the work yourself in AppleScript and just using Alfred to run the script.

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