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I have finally finished updating my workflows, website, and GitHub site with Alfred 3 workflows. All of the workflows listed as Alfred 3 will work fine on Alfred 3. There is still the Alfred 2 repository as well, but I'm not updating it. I haven't verified all of the Alfred 2 workflows as I no longer use some of them. That is why some are missing in the Alfred 3 list. Eventually, I'll get around to putting them on Packal.


My Site:  http://customct.com/Alfred3Workflows/alfred-3-workflows

GitHub: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/tree/master/Alfred 3


A list of all the workflows:


1. Alfred Bible
2. Alfred Browser Toolbox
3. Alfred Time Keeper
4. Alfred URI Handler
5. AnyBar Workflow
6. Budget Workflow
7. Compress Image
8. Copy/Move To
9. DockShelf Workflow
10. Dropzone 3 Workflow
11. DwellClick Workflow
12. ExpanDrive Toolkit
13. Folding Text Workflow
14. Hammerspoon Workflow
15. Haskell Text Converter Workflow
16. MacVim Toolbox
17. Markdown to Presentation Workflow
18. Name Sequencer
19. Next Item
20. Notes Workflow
21. Peppermint Toolbox
22. Picate Workflow
23. Quiver Workflow
24. s3cmd Toolkit
25. Scratch Pad
26. Sermon Scheduler
27. Slap Toolbox
28. Template Workflow
29. Text Case Converter in Swift
30. Text Massagers
31. TextSoap Cleaners
32. Thai Translation Workflow
33. Time Adding Workflow
34. Time Stamp Workflow
35. Title Case Server
36. Todo Workflow
37. Video Time 
38. Zip Info

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