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Switch browsers between safari and chrome

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Quite often I find myself in, say, Safari and wanting to close this window and open the same URL in Chrome and vice versa. 


I used to have an Alfred workflow to swap the two; I would simply type in "swap" and it would close the browser tab and open it in the other app (the other depending on which one I activated it from). 


I have since lost this workflow and I have no idea how I achieved it. Any ideas? Does anyone have the same workflow they could share? 



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Browser Sugar might be what you’re looking for. It uses bswitch instead of swap, but same result.


On another note — with that signature and profile image — may I interest you in a powerful and secret Alfred Workflow that will change your life? Just send me a few thousand dollars via Western Union, and I’ll send it right away. (link to Scamalot playlist, for those unfamiliar with it)

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