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iOS Simulator Alfred Workflow


A simple workflow for fast access to your iOS Simulators and apps. It saves you time during iOS development when you have to deal with Simulators' folder structure.




Download and open file or download from my GitHub account.




To trigger the workflow you have to type sims




  • Show applications (⏎ enter).
  • Launch in simulator (alt ⌥ + ⏎ enter).
  • Show number of applications installed (⇧ shift).
  • Reset contents and settings (⌘ cmd + ⏎ enter).


  • Show content in finder (⏎ enter).
  • Launch app in simulator (alt ⌥ + ⏎ enter).
  • Show app details (⇧ shift).
  • Reset content of Documents, Library and tmp. (⌘ cmd + ⏎ enter). 



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