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Not really. You can kinda-sorta do it by simulating keypresses or mouse clicks. Double-click selects the word under the cursor, so you can use Keyboard Maestro to simulate a double click at the cursor, or use the free cliclick to do it with cliclick dc:$(cliclick p | cut -d: -f2 | xargs).


Alternatively, you could use AppleScript (or Keyboard Maestro or  cliclick) to simulate ⌥←, ⌥⇧→  (OPT+LEFT ARROW then OPT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW), but that works on the text insertion cursor, not the mouse pointer.


As applications don't generally make their documents' contents accessible, selecting the same word elsewhere in the document is out of the question unless the application has a command for that feature (such as ^⌘G in Sublime Text).

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