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  1. Hello, fellow Alfred Fans! I looked around for an Alfred workflow for the great volume un/mounting app Jettison. I couldn't find anything so I thought I would just make one and share it in case anyone else needed it. This is my first shared workflow, so hopefully it is up to snuff! Github Jettison Workflow for Alfred 3 Jettison is a lightweight MacOS menulet application that automatically and safely unmounts and remounts external volumes when your computer wakes or sleeps. alfred-jettison is a simple Alfred workflow to manually invoke Jettison Actions on command. Installation Download the jettison.alfredworkflow and double click to open or manually drag to the worfklows tab of Alfred's preferences pane. Dependencies alfred-jettison requires Alfred 3 with a Powerpack license and Jettison, both of which are paid apps. Usage alfred-jettison uses the keyword "jet" to safely eject or mount/remount external volumes. Commands jet mount Mount or remount all available drives jet sleep Safely eject all drives and sleep jet eject Safely eject all drives and stay awake Notes Though Jettison is not a scriptable application, alfred-jettison uses AppleScript to invoke actions by selecting items in the menulet menu via System Events Roadmap Eject / mount specific volumes - currently alfred-jettison is only able to act on ALL available drives License / Disclaimer This workflow is available for free use via the MIT license. However, Jettison and the Jettison logo are copyright St. Clair Software. Use here is not authorized by, sponsored by, or associated with the trademark owner.
  2. Same here, i just manually deleted all traces of Alfred, reinstalled, reset my sync folder and I seem to be all set now. Probably just a weird quirk of El Capitan we both fell in to.
  3. I'm having the same problem, but with different symptoms. I have tried chmod-ing and moving alfred preferences folder, to know avail and I was able to create a hello in my /tmp as above, but i still get the following line in console when trying to add a worfklow: 1/7/16 2:11:22.428 PM CoreServicesUIAgent[566]: Error -60005 creating authorization It seems like a permissions thing, but wouldn't chmod resolve that? Thanks in advance for any help!
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