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  1. Hi there, if you take a look a little up you can read my original and well explained problem. gjbrugman just added his concern about de same problem. I think your answer as moderator maybe could be a little soft ;-) Happy New Year.
  2. I'd like to do the next: With a global hotkey (cmd + alt + *) open TuneIn (wich is already streaming) and "Toggle Play" in Playback menu. I create a workflow to open and show TuneIn but can't find the way to "send" the hotkey to activiate de menu option. Could you help me? Thx. Jordi.
  3. Hi there. Is there any way to search "in" of a filtered list of files? I.E.: Search the word "phone" inside all the files that contain "update" in the name. Sure there's a way but I can't realize it. Thx.
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