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  1. Yep, not working on my M1, either. I get the "Loading . . ." subtitle for a split second, before it goes back to the "Search" one.
  2. I'm no longer using Hey, but did use it, and it has a web app and a macOS app (which feels like a web wrapper, but I don't know for sure).
  3. Oops, that was a typo, pasting the wrong thing from my clipboard manager after checking the log. I've run .setup-gif-search and changed to a duplicated/custom theme, and things now work great on my Intel iMac, but still not working on my M1 MacBook Pro. Everything appears the same (Accessibility properly set up), so I'm a bit baffled as to the issue.
  4. I'm not sure if my issue is similar to Miteg's, but I'm not getting any results from the workflow. I've installed it, and run the setup command (/tmp/alfred-gif-search.log). On my Intel iMac, AlfredGifBrowser never self-populated in Accessibility>Privacy, so I manually dragged it in from the workflow package contents. On my M1 Mac Mini , it did appear there automatically, so I only needed to check the box. But on both Macs, I type gif followed by a search query, and it re-loops back to the search box without showing any previews. I'm ignorant about this sort of thing. Could a content blocker in Safari affect things?
  5. So I just tried "workflow:reset" and now things seem to be working. Thanks for the help!
  6. How do I rip it out? I reset the cache, and the problem persists. You're definitely right that the script is fine, as I just tried the workflow on my iMac, and it works fine there. It's just my MacBook Pro that has the problem.
  7. Thanks for sticking with me on this. I opened the workflow's directory in Terminal, ran the command, and I still have the issue. Text from Terminal: http://d.pr/f/By4Agy Log: http://d.pr/f/3dkdVD (picking up where last one left off) Debugging: http://d.pr/f/9GYr7O
  8. Sorry about that. Log is below. I've deleted the lines containing my contacts' email addresses, and left two dummy lines in. Log: http://d.pr/f/p3Hdo8 And here is the debugger: http://d.pr/f/QqmByz
  9. Thanks. So now I'm getting "App cache not yet initialized" when I type my trigger key (see attached). I've waited several minutes and rebooted, and the message persists.
  10. Thanks deanishe and everyone else for your help with this, and especially to deanishe for the mailto Workflow that is at its heart. I have it working now (Aflred and Keyboard Maestro links at the end of this post). I did change line 241 of mailto.py, per your suggestion, but it was still passing "compose" to the clipboard. That turned out not to be a problem, as the regex in my Keyboard Maestro macro still found only the numeric digits (as an aside, I imagine I could probably do this whole thing in Alfred, but I had the regex working in Keyboard Maestro and had no idea how to do that in Alfred). To answer one of the questions, above, I did want to pass the text to the clipboard, as my Keyboard Maestro macro acts on the text on the system clipboard. So I needed to find a way to get the text to the clipboard, and run my KM macro. Anyway, thanks again for the help. The links are below. They won't be directly relevant to anyone who doesn't use my firm's case management system, but maybe they'll be indirectly helpful to others. Alfred workflow: http://d.pr/f/PgRbBv Keyboard Maestro macro: http://d.pr/f/a5k3K0
  11. Thank you. That makes sense, as it is in the final step that things grind to a halt. Stupid question, but where can I find mailto.py?
  12. Thank you both for the reply. I'll digest the info, but in the meantime I've uploaded my very broken workflow here: http://d.pr/f/kgwY9u Thank you.
  13. Does anyone know how would I go about passing the contents of the clipboard created in an Alfred workflow to another app, such as Keyboard Maestro? The last step of my Alfred workflow calls my Keyboard Maestro macro (via AppleScript), but nothing happens. I'm either not passing the clipboard correctly, or I'm not calling Keyboard Maestro correctly. (Basically, what I'm trying to do is search for a contact via Alfred, and then pass the email address of the contact over to a Keyboard Maestro workflow to apply some regex to it to convert it to a URL, which is then opened). I've uploaded a screenshot of my workflow, along with the details of the 2nd and 4th steps. (Please ignore the Placeholder title, subtext, etc - I pilfered that from another workflow and haven't changed it yet). I admittedly am a complete novice when it comes to Alfred workflows, so my work is probably painfully bad.
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