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  1. As I was skimming them, "New Fallbacks option to show fallback searches in default results, even when there are results" caught my eye. I'm super happy with this feature, thank you. But can we also optionally trigger some of these fallbacks and not just list them?
  2. Are there any features (in particular from recent updates which I haven't carefully read through (3.3.1 -> 3.5)) that could help us manage having too many workflows? My request for more integration features is one kind of thing I'm looking for, but also more broadly is there any kind of metadata, tagging, non-exclusive grouping (workflows can have only a single category), or filtering that could help us organize our workflows?
  3. I would like to A: Select specific fallback searches to automatically trigger in the default search B: Trigger and view the results of simultaneous script filters These features are not hard to implement, but performance concerns have been raised. I'm asking for increased customization on a lower level. I think all of us would benefit a ton from the ability to creatively integrate all of our workflows in a more personalized way. Here's a similar request that was made (if there are any more let me know so I can add it): Combine Apple tags and file
  4. AFAIK, If I have a search up and another app is activated, the current Alfred search is lost forever. Is this true or am I missing something? It's really frustrating for me and making Alfred hard to use. But before I say any more, I want to make sure I'm correct that there's nothing I can do about this. One thing I am aware of is that we can set a shortcut to go to the last path in a file search. But this doesn't help with workflows or anything else.
  5. Thanks Vero, and sorry for the delayed response. This folder filter idea is good and I will definitely try this out. But it doesn't perfectly solve this issue. Take my Documents folder for example. I want to be able to search for all the folders in my documents folder. But a few of these folders have a ton of subfolders that are crowding my results. A folder filter will remove files from my search but doesn't solve the subfolder problem. It seems like the best solution I have now is to move these folders that have a lot of subfolders outside of my document
  6. How can I accomplish this? Folder A contains folder B. Folder B is pretty important to me in general but contains a ton of subfolders and documents that flood my search results. If I add folder A to my scope, everything from folder B floods my search results. If I remove folder A, I can't find folder B.
  7. Update: I am suddenly able to find all my apps again! I assume it was the reindexing that did it. I really appreciate the swift support ?
  8. Hi @Vero and @Andrew, I have a feeling my computer is behaving unusually. Settings are currently on default as you can see in my attached image. I am noticing that all of sudden I'm having a lot of difficulty with finding applications. For example, I want to find "BusyCal". Alfred has always had no problem finding it, but I can't think of why it would suddenly stop working. And spotlight still finds it fine. I tried 'clear Application cache" and "Rebuild MacOSMetadata." I'm a little confused about if the script worked correctly. It said: In a few moments, macOS will
  9. And now Alfred is starting to loose the ability to find some applications that is has always found before. I have tried reloading cache too and that is not helping. What can I do to troubleshoot? Also, Spotlight search is finding all of these things just fine.
  10. Some of my apps just will not show up in my searches. Most of them do, but a few just will not show up and I cannot find a pattern. /Applications is in my Search scope. I do not keep any apps in ~/Applications, so I know this is not the issue. "Unitntelligent: Search all file types" is on. These searches only produce about 3 or 4 files, so I know the application is not being pushed down by other results. I have tried waiting ~10s but still nothing happened. So if "Search all file types" is on and /Applications
  11. In a basic search, how does Alfred determine which files to put at the top of the list? I am having a lot of trouble doing basic searches. For example, my most common folder search is for my "Documents" folder. But despite messing around with all the search result settings, no matter what I do my Documents folder rarely shows up. If it does, its usually on the bottom. Instead, I get a list of useless Docuemnts/Backups/Whatever files and folders that I only have for safe keeping and never want to show up in my search results. All of my other documents files and folders are more usef
  12. Is it still the case that Packal updater is outdated?
  13. For every workflow input there can be a hotkey that when pressed reveals the workflow in Alfred centered on the input object. This would make it really easy to edit workflows on the fly when you come up with a small idea.
  14. Ah I didn't know this, thanks. Both workflows work fine
  15. I noticed this: https://github.com/dbader/alfred-countdown-timer but after searching for a few min I still couldn't find one for Alfred 3. Does anyone know of one?
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