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  1. There are a few folders which I periodically go to: * My Documents Folder * The system Applications folder * My Library Folder * My Desktop * My Google Drive local Sync folder I'd like to use Alfred to quickly open those folders... I don't want to browse them in Alfred, I want to OPEN the folders. I know I can browse with a ~ but that's a pain and not really what I want... ideas?
  2. JasonMark

    Noob Help

    This Video is a good example of what I was looking for... thanks Dean for sending me to it... I just wanted it at 1.5x speed,...
  3. JasonMark

    Noob Help

    Thanks Dean! The MailTo isn't quite what I want (I was spoiled back in the day with LaunchBar and I want it to be a system-level preference)... but I'll try it out. It's a matter of retraining my habits. Maybe next version of Alfred will have hooks to put lower level logic in, which would allow a workflow to tackle both of these without needing a preface or separate shortcut key? Vero, in terms of videos. Written guides are DEFINITELY better than videos, but I'm talking about an intro "this is how it works" video, which is a separate beast. It's a fast-forward video that shows a "noob" how a "power user" uses the software. They probably won't apply everything to their own workflows, but for example, I'd love it if someone like Dean just recorded his entire day and then an editor went and cut out 20 things that he did into a 2 minute video so I have an idea of what's possible. Could also be an article, but again I think the words are better for tutorials on "how to do it" where in my experience video tests out better for quickly giving an overview and letting people know what is possible.
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    Noob Help

    I have a few things I'm struggling with in Alfred. Tried Twitter and they suggested I post here: Is there a currency converter like spotlight? USD to Euros for example. Is there a size converter? Lbs to Oz. Feet to meters, etc. Is there a way to make email the default when sending someone? I set it up so if I type "e <person's name>" it emails them but I *so* rarely want to see their contact information that I would rather email be the default and open contact card be the exception. Can Alfred search "pins" in Safari as well as bookmarks. I rarely use bookmarks since they added pins. I want to open the following folders using Alfred: Library, Documents, Applications. I don't want to specifically Scan within those folders, I just want to open them... how do I teach it to do that? Do you have any videos of power-users using the tools? I'm trying to muddle through clipboard for example and would love a very fastforward video that shows cool things happening so I know what's possible.