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  1. What do you mean? Say if I use a python script for example. The user would have to have that version of python installed and those python packages installed. Is that what you're referring to? Yeah that's where the API has an advantage.
  2. @vitor Got it. Thanks for the update. One mythical day when I have free time I'll update this to use a local spell checker and post the solution. It'll be one day when I miss-spell the same word 50 times and get frustrated/motivated!
  3. Tried it. Turns out that's not the case. The edit menu doesn't have anything for that shortcut. I created another shortcut with a 3 button combo that's very unique and it has the same behavior.
  4. That doesn't seem to do anything. Should I drag from finder or something else?
  5. The automation doesn't work. See my other post linked below. 4.0.9 [1144]
  6. I recnetly updated from Alfred 3 to Alfred 4, and one of my automations isn't working. I'm thinking there may be a problem with my permissions but I'm not sure what to do. I see Alfred 4 has permissions everywhere except automations. But for some reason Alfred 4 isn't available to check in automations. But Alfred 3 is.... What do I need to do to fix this? See screenshots below. https://imgur.com/a/lwOmkbU Thanks
  7. Hello @vitor Am I doing something wrong using your tool? I'm trying the english shortcut where it should replace the misspelled word with the highest suggested correct word. It doesn't seem to replace it. I can tell something is happening becuase I see the edit menu flash on my mac. But it doesn't replace the selected word. I've tried this in Notes and TextEdit on my Mac. The "Show with alfred's spell keyword" pops up the menu just fine. But when I select something, it doesn't overwrite the highlighted text either. Any suggestions? https://imgur.com/ILmlrl1 https://imgur.com/WvEyasP I think this might be a permissions issue, I posted a question here:
  8. Great idea! I prefer python. Great idea! Didn't think of that one. That would save a lot of delays.
  9. I'd like to make a spell check helper. Basically a keyboard shortcut driven auto-correct spell checker. 1.) User selects text 2.) Issue a keyboard shortcut or some simple trigger 3.) Take the highlighted text and make an API call to some service (maybe this or something similar) and get the suggested correct spelling 4.) Parse the response of the API call 5.) Paste that new text overtop of the selected text It's like a spell check that will work anywhere on the computer. Has anyone done anything like this? It seems like it could be possible. The trick part I think would be making the API call and parsing the response. I've built many work flows in Alfred before, but I haven't tried this one yet. What's the best way to do this? I'm thinking to either trigger a script, apple script, or just a terminal command. I didn't see any built in API related features in Alfred. This makes me wonder. Is there a timeout for an action? I haven't ever used Alfred to trigger a script. What happens if the API call takes 30 seconds. I could assume it failed and change screens only to have the text paste somewhere else undesirable.
  10. You guys should integrate with Stringify. Afred + Stringify = lots of fun. I can already do that by having an action run a script which makes a Maker call to my Stringify flow, but it'd be cool to have a native integration.
  11. Wow, i'm impressed. This is amazing. Thanks @Vero and @politicus. I'm hooked even more. I like the canvas of connecting things, it's brilliant.
  12. I've been using alfred for a while but to a very limited extent. I want to get better and use more features. Here's something I want to do, is this possible? Now: Step 1.) Copy and paste a long string of text Step 2.) Switch to Chrome Step 3.) Open a new tab Step 4.) type in URL/place Step 5.) paste my clipboard, so it ends up as URL/place/clipboardContents Is there a way I can automate this? I do this probably 10-20x per day... and I'd love to get that 5 step process down to 1 or 2 steps. I feel like Alfred can do this, but i'm not sure where to start.
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