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  1. Hi Vitor, I did exactly as you suggested, and it worked! Thank you -Whiskeyjack
  2. Hi, I am trying to open a chrome extension page by adding a custom binding in the Web Search section. This is how its setup: Unfortunately when I try to trigger the custom binding, I get the "There is no application set to open the URL chrome-extension://..." prompt message. When I "choose application" and set it to Chrome, it works. But if I have to "Choose Application" every time I trigger this binding, that would make this a cumbersome process. Looking elsewhere in Alfred, I found a setting that I thought could resolve this issue. Turning on that setting however still launches the "choose application" prompt message when I trigger the custom web-search binding to open a chrome-extension page. Any help is sincerely appreciated. Note I have powerpack, so if there's another way to set this trigger, I'll all open for it. Thanks, Whiskeyjack
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