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  1. This workflow has stopped working for me. Not sure what Ive done but it used to work as Is by typing "N" but that stopped working. I switched to using the compatible command "an" but now that doesn't populate with any of my recent notes. I'm on Mojave, latest version
  2. hello, I upgraded to the Catalina beta software last night and for some reason I can’t get Alfred to launch the mini player. When launching the mini player it displays “Launching iTunes”. I tried resetting my library through Alfred preferences. Alfred recognizes the correct .xml file but for some reason it’s stuck on the ”Launching iTunes” message.
  3. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or how it is supposed to run. My issue is I can't use the hot key CMD + Return(or any of the other hot key options listed in the advanced tab) to perform a web search in my default browser without having a fall back result. I like keeping Alfred minimal and didnt want to have any fall back searches. Id rather simply use the hot key however, once I remove all the fall back searches, the hot key no longer triggers a web search.
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