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  1. This works for me @mojave. Thanks for sharing. I didn't manage to get the other workflow running despite following all available Mojave tips...
  2. Ok, got it. Thanks for the hint.
  3. That's just the description of what I do. Replace %customer name% with a real name and you are done E.g. 'tags invoice volkswagen' Where the Tag invoice exists. But volkswagen is no Tag, it's part of the filename
  4. I'm new to Alfred and already loving it. I'm working a lot with tags for my files and use hazel to auto-tag my scanned office papers. Using filesearch with tags works fine. But I want to narrow down the result with just adding a part of the filename. That's weired because alfred switches to search google now ... Am I missing something? e. g. "tags invoice %customer name% where 'invoice is my tag and %customer name% the variable for the actual customer I'm searching for
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