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  1. Oh and btw, I prefer that google opens the photo in satelite mode to fix this I edit this line in the bash script part of your workflow: and made it: now it opens the photo in satelite mode. It took me a while to figure that one out
  2. Wow that's just awesome! way faster then a snippet 😀 and how do I change this to google maps instead of apple maps? Great work man it made my day [edit] O whoops never mind, I found the variable it works now 😉
  3. Hi people, this is not a workflow, it's a snippet that shows you the location of the photo in google maps is satelite mode. this is the snippet: how to use it: open terminal activate this snippet while in Terminal open the folder where your photo is located in finder drag the photo that contains gps data to your terminal activate the terminal window and press enter It took me some time to figure out how to open the photo in Google maps in satelite mode. When you activate this snippet, note the location of the cursor, it's not at the end (for a reason 🙂 ) Oh and btw, you need to install exiftool from phil Harvey: Exiftool to use this snippet
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