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  1. duffkiligan (bin)$ pwd /usr/local/bin duffkiligan (bin)$ ls 2to3 apollo fuzzy_match lzcmp nettle-pbkdf2 pkcs1-conv pyvenv-3.7 xzdec 2to3-3.7 asn1Coding gdbm_dump lzdiff node pod sandbox-pod xzdiff ansible asn1Decoding gdbm_load lzegrep npm psktool sexp-conv xzegrep ansible-config asn1Parser gdbmtool lzfgrep npx pydoc3 srptool xzfgrep ansible-connection brew gnutls-certtool lzgrep ocsptool pydoc3.7 terraform xzgrep ansible-console cask gnutls-cli lzless op python3 unlzma xzless ansible-doc easy_install-3.7 gnutls-cli-debug lzma p11-kit python3-config unxz xzmore ansible-galaxy ebrowse gnutls-serv lzmadec p11tool python3.7 wheel3 ansible-inventory emacs goldin lzmainfo packagesbuild python3.7-config xcodeproj ansible-playbook emacs-26.1 idle3 lzmore packagesutil python3.7m xz ansible-pull emacsclient idle3.7 nettle-hash pip3 python3.7m-config xzcat ansible-vault etags lzcat nettle-lfib-stream pip3.7 pyvenv xzcmp duffkiligan (bin)$ sw_vers ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.15 BuildVersion: 19A471t /usr/local/bin is there after the upgrade, it even contains things I have installed in it before the upgrade.
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