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  1. @Andrew I had not, so I just tried. I dragged the Emacs.app symlink into that box, but it still doesn't show up in Alfred. I also cleared the app cache to make sure. This was working in Mojave so I'm thinking something in Catalina changed that causes Alfred to no longer follow the symlink or even recognize them as such. And since .app files are directories, you can't make hardlinks to them, which could possibly have been a workaround. However, running `open -a Emacs.app` does work, so for now I just do that. Plus, how often do you need to restart Emacs anyway
  2. I think it's all moot as the newest version (4.0.2 Pre-Release) of Alfred addresses this issue. So everyone having Catalina issue should upgrade. You may need to reset your Applications location list in Alfred to its pristine state after you do.
  3. I use emacs-plus from Homebrew. `brew link emacs-plus` creates a symlink in /Applications to the Emacs.app dir that lives in the Homebrew dir. Since upgrading to Catalina I can no longer see Emacs in the Alfred search bar. If I add the /usr/local/opt/emacs-plus dir to Alfred - which is itself a symlink - it resolves to the actual dir as illustrated below, but Emacs still does not show up as an option when I search. Adding /usr/local/opt to the Applications list in Alfred also has no effect. /Applications/Emacs.app -> /usr/local/opt/emacs-plus/Emacs.app /usr/local/opt/emacs-
  4. @Carbon Not really sure. Are you on 10.15 (Catalina)? Did you try showing hidden files as I mentioned above?
  5. @upup In any Finder window hitting "COMMAND + SHIFT + ." will show hidden files
  6. @vitor It looks like userland apps are now in /System/Volumes/Data/Device/Applications and /Applications is some sort of file system alias to that, probably some sort of hard symlink. I added a symlink for the homebrew Emacs-plus to /Applications and it also shows up in /System/Volumes/Data/Device/Applications. However, now that linked app does not show up in Alfred, though the rest in that dir do. I imagine it has to do with the symlink
  7. I added /System/Applications to the Search Scope list in Preferences -> Features -> Default Results and now the Apple installed apps show up in Alfred
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