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  1. Could the keystroke be possibly assigned to another action already? Say an app is using it or maybe the system? I used to have spectacle do the same issue.
  2. Thank you so much! I never though to use the ~.... I though it was only available in specific situations (like finder and terminal) only.
  3. So I know you can type in '/' and get to the root directory in Alfred, however, is there a way to type in 'downloads' and it will take you to the downloads folder, or say 'desktop' and it takes you to desktop? Perhaps even extend this feature to custom folders too? Do we have any built in functionality like that? Thanks
  4. Created a quick Alfred workflow to change brightness of external monitor with a keyboard shortcut Just thought I would share it with everyone: https://github.com/skarchmit/Monitor-Control-with-DDC
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