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  1. I tried any themes and I see that they have issues displaying rounded corners.
  2. There’s a lot of keybindings (not just command space, but even custom ones) you may have to comb through some settings to see what’s being triggered. Also Alfred has different screens too. Can you share a screenshot?
  3. An option to disable moving the active window / app to the middle of the screen when trying to use Clipboard history
  4. I've already tried multiple things to get it (described later down) to work After restoring my computer on Catalina to Catalina of other beta issues Here's the issue I'm having: Some apps do not show within Alfred. It shows most of the default apps like settings, Mac App Store, messages etc and all user installed apps, The apps in question are 1password and terminal: details below. Here is my search scope: and when I search for particular applications (like 1password) I see 2 directory results, both of which exist in Alfred.alfredpreferences But the app itself doesn't show. but searching for terminal brings up a folder, that yet again only exists within the Alfred.alfredpreferences Just in case, my Alfred.alfredpreferences file exists on the system as ~/SYNC/Alfred.alfredpreferences
  5. So I've restored my Mac to factory settings (No Time Machine) on Catalina and it looks like the issue returned.
  6. Could the keystroke be possibly assigned to another action already? Say an app is using it or maybe the system? I used to have spectacle do the same issue.
  7. Thank you so much! I never though to use the ~.... I though it was only available in specific situations (like finder and terminal) only.
  8. So I know you can type in '/' and get to the root directory in Alfred, however, is there a way to type in 'downloads' and it will take you to the downloads folder, or say 'desktop' and it takes you to desktop? Perhaps even extend this feature to custom folders too? Do we have any built in functionality like that? Thanks
  9. Created a quick Alfred workflow to change brightness of external monitor with a keyboard shortcut Just thought I would share it with everyone: https://github.com/skarchmit/Monitor-Control-with-DDC
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