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  1. Hi Vero, I worked with Alfred support and identified the issue. I don't heavily use this workflow anymore so I didn't troubleshoot it further. It's related to an issue with Python which causes Python to crash when this workflow is executed or the calendar app is launched, and only happens on Big Sur (did not happen on previous OS).
  2. FYI, this workflow crashes and does not function on Big Sur
  3. Hi Martien, I've run into an issue where every task I submit returns a 400 error, but if I mark a task as complete and then re-try, it works. Some sort of issue with caching? I've posted on the Github issues as well. EDIT: Identified the issue. You cannot submit more than 300 tasks. The reason completing, then creating works is because it takes you to 299. Todoist has a hard limit of 300.
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