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  1. @deanishe Google Calendar is supported now. @FirePanther I'm so glad you like it.
  2. Hi @jTux, I just update the workflow and it supports BusyCal or Fantastical 2 now.
  3. Thanks @deanishe, I have downloaded both one and Fantastical 2 can be opened in a very similar way.
  4. @jTux Those two are not free softwares, let me see if I can develop by trial version. @Ruslanl Because the Alfred workflow can only select one line at a time. Selecting a specific date will increase too much complexity of user interface.
  5. Or `Immediately after each character typed` + `Terminate previous script` is just not a good idea? Let's discuss it on the github, I may have some other idea.
  6. Interesting. It never happened on my laptop. Maybe because of the SSD the writing operation is fast enough?
  7. @lidow Can you tell me the version of your workflow? You can find it under workflow directory. And please tell me if you saw this issue again.
  8. Displays a monthly calendar. Download Usage cal [month [year]] [<] [>] enter ↵ Open Supported Calendar Software with week view on selected week. <, > Display calendar of previous/next month. [month [year]] Display calendar with specific month and year. month can be numbers or English words. calconfig More configuration options. Supported Calendar Software BusyCal Fantastical 2 Google Calendar OS X Calendar Screenshots ChangeLog: Version 1.3.1 1. Support Google Calendar Version 1.3; 1. Support BusyCal and Fantastical 2. 2. Optimize write operation to config file.
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