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  1. @Vero Thanks for the response. I actually had the box unticked before and it wasn't working. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I think it started to work either a) after I gave it some time to index my 1Password bookmarks, and/or b) after I disabled a few unit conversion workflows I downloaded that had results which took precedence over the "1p" results. But now, everything seems to be working fine, even after enabling the unit conversion workflows again (probably because I've been using 1P for 1Password a lot). Thanks again for your quick replies and help!
  2. Sure. When I type "1p", the 1Password app shows as the first result. But when I type in space and the bookmark, it doesn't seem to register any of my 1Password bookmarks.
  3. @Vero Having the same issue. I followed the outlined steps and all my accounts are showing in Features > 1Password preferences successfully. However, no results are showing when typing a keyword set in preferences. Everything works fine if "Show in default results without keyword" is selected. Running Alfred 4.2.1 [1187], Mac 11.0.1 (M1), 1Password 7 Version 7.7 (70700016).
  4. When searching, Command+[Number] opens a folder in Finder (rather than navigate into the folder), even though in Alfred's preferences>File Search>Navigation, "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" is unchecked. Strangely, when I run "Previous Path", the Command+[Number] navigates into the respective enumerated folder, which is the behavior that you'd expect. I tried checking and unchecking "Use [return key] to open folders in Finder" and restarting Alfred, but that doesn't resolve the issue.
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