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  1. I actually fixed this and Alfred now works fine with 1Password beta and the X beta extensions (therefore I assume it works with the non-beta versions too) I downloaded the 1P troubleshooting app: https://support.1password.com/diagnostics/?mac&src=bitbot Ran all the checks... lil mac restart and it worked! Worth a try.
  2. Thanks fo the inputs guys, I've raised on the 1Password forum too, they're not as active as you guys though. Let's see what they say
  3. Hello, I realised this afternoon tat 1Password items are no longer opening and autofilling via Alfred. I've tried a few things: updating Chrome/Alfred/my extensions Restarting my computer different profiles in Chrome uninstalled are re-installing both 1Password X Beta extension (my usual extension due to Mac app connectivity) and 1Password X extension I've recored my screen trying to run twitter (see a gif on this post, and the full recording here on dropbox). You can see Alfred actually brings the. 1Passwo
  4. +1 Also, right now Alfred only offers 2 options for opening these links: in macOS default browser in bookmark's source browser For opening in private windows or for when you have many Chrome profiles these two options aren' ideal. If you could add an option to open in: last selected browser window This would be a game changer 🤞 This is currently how 1Password integration works and it's super nice. I always get confused when Alfred Bookmarks behaves differently.
  5. I recently came across this exact same error after running a CleanMyMac scan, which deleted all meta data for most of my apps, including 1Password. I've done this many times before with no issue. But I also recently moved my 1Password Vaults from Dropbox sync to having a 1Password Family Account (meaning I've removed my local vaults). This meant, no matter what you do (restart 1Password, restart mac) the meta data files that are needed to tie Alfred and 1Password together are not recreated! The Fix Go to 1Password settings > Advanced > Check the box for "Allow creat
  6. Thanks very much, I didn't even know that was an option! And I prob will prefer that too. Great tips for splitting the workflow too!
  7. This workflow is amazing I use it A LOT. I've thought of an improvement, but when I looks at hacking it, I can't work out how to implement it. I was wondering if it would be possible to mimic the cases in Alfred. For example, (see screenshot) instead of current options change this to: Title Case Sentence case UPPER CASE Capitalize lowercase or to be clear between Title Case and Capitalise, show an example Title Case (The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over a Lazy Dog) Sentence Case (The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog) Upper Case (THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER A LAZY D
  8. This is awesome, would it be possible to create a convertion Minutes to hours? I have to log my time in hours, and I'm currently looking for a solution within alfred to to this. This is by far the best coverter, but time only seems to go down, eg Mins > Secs.
  9. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the reply, I have been testing on Mavericks and this seems to have fixed the issue. Like you say, it might have been an issue lower down. Thanks for the reply. Rob
  10. When I come to shut down I often use Alfred to "Quit All Applications" then the "Shut Down." I do this at the end of each day. I sported this bug, sometimes if you "Quit all" and "shut down" before all the apps have closed, my computer reboots and displays a message "Your computer had to restart because of a problem." I have noticed this nearly always happens when I tell Alfred to quit all, then shut down straight after. And because it sometimes takes a long time for all applications to close (usually an adobe program that just takes ages to quit), if I force quite the apps that are takin
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