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  1. Hey guys, I've expanded the functionality of the VLC Remote workflow found here (all kudos and a great thanks to geberl for a great workflow): I've added speed up and down commands for those of us who like to watch videos faster or slower (helpful for programmers) [SpeedFast/FineUp/Down], go-to-start of video [start], skipping back and forward 15 to 30 seconds [BackX, ForX]. I've also added a clone command to open another version of VLC, and a peerflix command for those of us who like watching torrentened videos (opens VLC video at locahost, port 8888).
  2. Hey guys, I created a workflow that allows anyone using Scrivener for Mac to send some text from Alfred (using markdown syntax) to Scrivener's Scratchpad. This allows you to send potential writing ideas to be stored there for later usage/formatting. The only limitation is for line endings/next line you need to use html i.e. <br /> but it's a small compromise. Note: You need to have pandoc installed for the markdown conversion. https://github.com/ged12345/alfred-workflows/blob/master/Scrivener Scratchpad.alfredworkflow
  3. Thanks fo the response, guys. deanishe: I submitted a pull request to one of them, and that's been updated, but due to the nature of the workflow, I feel like it may be best to explain how to customise it for the average user? Anyway, I'll check the licensing terms, ta.
  4. Hey all, I've customised/enhanced a number of workflows or created my own. Can I post on this forum or is that not allowed? Cheers, Rob
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