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  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback, As a quick fix you can modify the script of the workflow (/usr/bin/osascript) and remove the line: ofType: ["dyn.ah62d4rv4ge8003dcta"] //.kdbx extension type identifier This won't filter by file type, I checked with two macs and they provide me with the same identifier Let me know how it works, later I will try to upload a version without the check
  2. Hello, I created a workflow that allows to list the entries of a KeePassXC database and retrieve the password for an entry. You can find it here: https://github.com/Angoll/KPass I've been using Alfred for a while, basic functions without entering into the workflows world, but recently I'm switching to KeePassXC to store my passwords and I created the workflow to help with the change. I saw that there is some demand of a workflow that this one but no one created it. It uses the keepassxc-cli to access password database and Keychain to secure store the pass
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