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  1. Sorry, it's my cheap blog server. I have create a repos on github -> https://github.com/xhinking/Alfred
  2. Did you set the username? Or maybe you have too many star repos to display.I'm trying to improve this workflow.
  3. Fast serach on stackoverflow http://7h2o.com/assets/download/stackoverflow.alfredworkflow
  4. Very very useful workflow in China.
  5. You can copy the workflow's files into a php server, run the script you want to debug.
  6. Github with Alfred Current Version: Search Github Repos Search Your Gists Search Your Starred Repos Get All Your Starred Repos Get All Your Gists Create A Gist Get API Requests Limit Don't Forget set your github username by: Set XXXX Github API limited 60 times per hour. Feel free to fix the bug and improve this workflow! Download
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