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  1. Sorry, it's my cheap blog server. I have create a repos on github -> https://github.com/xhinking/Alfred
  2. Thanks! Feel free to improve it
  3. Did you set the username? Or maybe you have too many star repos to display.I'm trying to improve this workflow.
  4. Fast serach on stackoverflow http://7h2o.com/assets/download/stackoverflow.alfredworkflow
  5. Very very useful workflow in China.
  6. You can copy the workflow's files into a php server, run the script you want to debug.
  7. Github with Alfred Current Version: Search Github Repos Search Your Gists Search Your Starred Repos Get All Your Starred Repos Get All Your Gists Create A Gist Get API Requests Limit Don't Forget set your github username by: Set XXXX Github API limited 60 times per hour. Feel free to fix the bug and improve this workflow! Download
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