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  1. Hello, it would be really nice if the Text View node allowed a custom CSS file to be loaded - so we can style different Text View outputs in different ways. Thanks for considering this feature – Nathan
  2. These are fabulous! These will help me show friends why Alfred is such a must-have for their day 💖
  3. Thanks Andrew, changing to 'when scrolling' was my preferred solution (I'm not on dark mode for MacOS and I am too attached to my chonky borders) Thanks for taking the time to explain what's going on and provide several solutions ❤️
  4. The (amazing) new markdown view is showing an ugly implementation of the system default scrollbars, rather than the (lovely) scrollbars used elsewhere inside of Alfred. here in the appearance panel my scrollbar is a nice skinny orange bar But in the Markdown view its a system default scrollbar with square edges and looks bad
  5. Currently using the clipboard (/snippet) manager will hijack your current Alfred session. It would be nice if it was possible to float this on top of the current Alfred session instead. Update, just to clarify what I'm getting at here: I invoke the clipboard manager with a hotkey. If I am in the middle of doing something in Alfred and I want to use an item from the clipboard, when I invoke the clipboard manager it discards my existing Alfred session and redirects me to the clipboard manager. What I would like instead is that the clipboard manager appears on top of my current Alfred session, and when it closes, what remains underneath is Alfred just as I left it.
  6. Hey Tom unfortunately due to limitations with MacOS this is not currently possible
  7. This workflow has been updated to 3.2 This release adds additional configuration options including a customisable colour palette and dynamic icon preview - hold option to access.
  8. Ah yeah I don’t want to do anything hacky. I think I have always just incorrectly assumed ‘always’ mode would show a scroll bar even when there was nothing to scroll. Don’t I feel foolish now, learning this is not the case. Changing from ‘automatic’ mode to ‘always’ mode is all I needed to do. I assume this is Alfred’s default too and I must have just changed it years ago and never thought twice about it. Thanks for humouring me and as always being so gracious and helpful 😊
  9. Sometimes its not clear that there are more items available 'below Alfred's fold'. For example, in this list it's not clear that there are actually more options to choose from: So I thought I could get clever in a script filter and insert some helper text when there's too many entries # Overflow check if len(input_json["items"]) > 9: # Add "subtitle" to the last visible entry input_json["items"][8]["subtitle"] = "Scroll for more swatches…" But this will only work as long as the user has chosen to show 9 items So I'm wondering if there's any way to access this "I want to see" value? I have a feeling it's not possible, because if it were, it would be among the Workflow Script Environment Variables. But maybe there's another way to determine the total entries Alfred is showing?
  10. Ah lovely, this is great news! This functionality isn't at all critical, but it's a nice addition. I will proceed, but stay mindful of future breaking changes. Thanks Vitor 🙏
  11. I have been toying around with changing workflow object icons on the fly. This is as simple as replacing the .png file in the workflow folder – ${alfred_preferences}/workflows/${alfred_workflow_uid}/UUID.png Below is an example colour picker workflow, where the icon is updating to reflect changes made to the foreground and background colours. I really really like this, but am wondering if there anything I should watch out for here? (for example, Alfred isn't going to suddenly change the UUID of the associated icon or anything like that?) Notice the icon in the top right changing as I adjust settings:
  12. Yeah that's fine, not a big deal at all To expand on my original goals – I've put together a simple colour swatch manager and it's the topmost entries here that I was hoping to keep 'pinned'. I am already using the option modifier as a way to delete entries (which feels really nice). But I don't think I want to hide these other actions behind modifiers. In this case I think the value of not needing to remember a modifier is higher than the value of having the list dynamically sorted. Here's it is in action
  13. Hey there, I love the way Alfred can handle dynamically sorting List / Script Filters, such that frequently used items float to the top of the list – this is really handy. But I am hoping there might be a way to kind of 'pin' one entry to the top of the list, so it is always the first entry, and all subsequent entries are shown according to Alfred's sorting wizardry. Is this in the realm of possibility with Script Filters? or currently not possible?
  14. I might be misremembering, but I'm pretty sure aliases in Alfred have been successfully showing pretty icons. But (and again, unless Im misremembering) it seems that with a recent update, alias icons are back to the generic unknown file icon. Update. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, I just came to submit a bug report about this issue and did the old 'search for an existing topic' before posting.
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