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    SummerChill got a reaction from erusev in Is there a way can fuzzy search the existing workflow in your alfred by name or keyword.   
    hi everyone:
    Alfred supports precise search by keyword, but I have a lot of workflows, and sometimes I will forget the keyword of my workflow. I want to be able to fuzzy search for alfred workflows by name and keywords. Just like searching for snippet use "viewer hotkey".
    Now I have to "alfred preferences => workflow => filter text box"  the process is  little bit of trouble....
    Is there a way can fuzzy search the existing workflow in Alfred by name or keyword  through viewer hotkey ?
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    SummerChill reacted to Andrew in conditional utility can not support sliding [Fixed 4.2.1]   
    @SummerChill thanks for spotting this!
    While I'm fixing this, you may find a cleaner way to do what you're trying to do without using a conditional - for example a List Filter with all your sites configured, where the argument is set to the URL you want, then connect this to a single Open URL. The advantage of this would be that you'll get a searchable list from your keyword.
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