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  1. Hi, this doesn't work with El Capitan and Parallels 11. Any chance of an update? Thanks
  2. Thanks. I already have my startup view set to coherence. Seems to ignore it
  3. Cool thanks works well now only thing is the VM always starts up in Windowed mode. I set all my VMs to start in Coherence mode, using this workflow seems to make the VM ignore this. Weird. Great workflow though!
  4. Thanks for trying. This is a great workflow. I have tried it again and it still does it. Let me try and explain: 1) Parallels is NOT running 2) Use the workflow to resume a suspended VM 3) Parallels starts and the VM resumes 4) Use the workflow to suspend the VM 5) The VM is suspended and is removed from the Dock 6) The Parallels application reappears in the dock Can you make it if there are no other VMs running when you suspend or shutdown a VM the Parallels application is permanetly closed? Thanks
  5. Mmmm, Parallels still starts up again when suspending a VM
  6. When you suspend a VM it closes the Parallels application and then restarts it. Any chance you can prevent this? Thanks
  7. Sorry still doesn't work. It lists all my VMs and their status but when you highlight one and press enter, nothing happens. *EDIT* sorry ignore me my bad. Tried it again and it does work OK. Although if you use the quick selection i.e. cmd-2 to select VM 2 in the list, nothing happens. You have to highlight the VM and press TAB for it to list the various options available. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Use this workflow everyday and after an update to the RDP app yesterday from the App Store (v8.0.5) it no longer starts the session automatically. Any ideas?
  9. Doesn't work for me - it lists the VMs but you cannot interact with them. I am using PD9.
  10. Any chance you could make it so the main RDP app is minimised or better still closed once the RDP session is initiated? Thanks
  11. This is perfect for me - thanks!
  12. Mmm I press Fn and get the option to add files and documents but I was not seeing the option for folder....but dumb ass here wasn't noticing there so many options I needed to scroll down to see the Add to Faves option Is there anyway to change the order in this resultant list? Thanks chaps
  13. I am having issues adding folders. I can add files and documents but when I navigate to a folder and press right arrow on the folder it just shows me the contents of that folder. No option to add to faves exists. Anyone help? Thanks
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