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  1. ok thanks @shmulvad, I'll give it a try
  2. thanks so much @shmulvad for answering my rookie question. regarding the naming for the backup file: I was not requesting a change from your side, just wondering if I there is a way I can adjust it for my personal use. (I find it handy if I can separate modified files from backup files via sorting alphabetically in that folder, hence the idea with the underscore before the filename. But never mind it is super good as it is. thanks again. )
  3. Hey @shmulvad, thank you very much for this awesome workflow! super handy. I am new to Alfred and not sure how I can set the variable for the Backup to False.. can you help me out here? or is there a way to put a '_' in front of the filename to mark the backups instead? thanks a lot
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