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  1. Hey there! 👋 I made a small workflow to add events to the calendar (stock Calendar app) with "natural language" (well... not really super sophisticated, but it feels "natural" to me in the sense that it's similar to how I create calendar events), similar to what Fantastical does. It works pretty good for me, and I thought to share it in case it can be useful for someone else as well It's nothing fancy obviously, at the moment it can do some simple things like this: "cal buy groceries tomorrow at 5pm" "cal meeting next wednesday for 3 hours at 3pm PDT" "cal in 2 hours get a break for 10 minutes" A couple notes: it supports only 1 target calendar at the moment, with the name specified in the `calendar` workflow variable it's written in Go (with `awgo`, thanks @deanishe!), for no particular reason rather that it's what I usually use for my projects, which means that it's compiled and it will bring up the annoying "verified developer" popup on macOS 10.15+ it should work on M1 via Rosetta, but I don't have a M1 Mac to make sure myself. I also thought about bundling the arm version with the workflow and/or creating separate downloadable workflows, if somebody is interested I can do something for that Here's the link -> https://github.com/ruggi/calfred/releases/latest Stay safe!
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