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  1. I'm on an M1 MBA with Big Sur 11.1 and recently Alfred has just stopped responding quite a bit, a few times a day. It's not a big deal, I open activity monitor and close it and then reopen and it works again. But I personally haven't experienced crashes like this with Alfred in the 5+ years of using it daily. Figured I'd post here, first time in the Bug Reports section of the forum.
  2. Yes, go ahead and delete after you have migrated your settings and have a backup, just in case.
  3. Great! How do you configure this to default to offline mode? It's a little slow searching the online repository for me.
  4. I would love to have this Evernote Search workflow working but it doesn't seem to be working with Alfred 3 (it's an Alfred 2 workflow): http://www.packal.org/workflow/evernote-search Is there any way to update this or modify it to get it working? Thanks in advance!
  5. I get a "Resource does not exist" error when trying to download this.
  6. I'd really love a Workflow that allows me to view, add, or delete things from my task list on Clear (which is an iOS and Mac app). I have searched for a workflow that does this but haven't found anything, which is a little surprising since I believe that Clear is pretty widely used. Here's a link to the Clear website which explains the app: Simplify your life with Clear Does anyone know if a workflow for this exists, or if not, how to create one?
  7. Does this still work? I can't get it to work with the latest version of Alfred. It says download complete suspiciously fast and the file doesn't appear.
  8. This looks great but when I add it to Alfred it doesn't let me use the hotkeys, I assume because they're already associated with iTunes. How can I get this to work?
  9. Has this stopped working? I installed it but it doesn't gather any results as the screenshots which you posted show.
  10. Is this still working? It appeared to work great for a few days but now says 1 BTC = $91 which is inaccurate. It doesn't seem to have been updating values for some time now.
  11. This looks fantastic, but to me appears a little small - is there any way to adjust to appear just a bit larger?
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