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  1. Thanks for the help, just tried in terminal and you're right it doesn't work. Seems like all the use cases I would like - Twitter, Facebook Ad Library, Loom, don't work with yt-dlp.
  2. Thank you so much!! I was tearing my hair out with that one. Really appreciate the swift reply, and so glad this is working now 🙂
  3. I'm struggling to download Twitter videos, or videos from Facebook's Ad library (example) - are these out of scope? Thanks
  4. I am experiencing this same issue. The below is not working - it is instead taking the value of the clipboard, not what is being selected. I have toggled on and off Alfred 5 in the Accessibility permissions to no avail. Thanks @Vero @Andrew
  5. Thank you @giovanni! This is one of my most-used workflows. It still functions correctly however I now get the following pop up when I set a meeting without specifically adding a duration.
  6. Hello, I use Snippets extensively, especially with Apple notes. One example is a meeting notes template which has various sections. In one section I would like to insert the checkboxes from Apple Notes like this: However no matter what I try they always come through as normal bullet points This is how it looks in Alfred's settings. It's a copy/paste from Apple Notes. Is there a better way I can achieve what I need? Thanks!
  7. I realise this, however what I'm showing is the hotkey works fine. Alfred however does not seem to be triggering the hotkey? There are other examples where I might want Alfred to trigger a hotkey, and so I'd rather understand why this action isn't working otherwise I might run into it again.
  8. The key combo is set in BetterTouchTool and works just fine, it's triggering via Alfred that I can't get to work:
  9. I have a hotkey set up to toggle True Tone which works great. However, I like to set up keyword entry for configuring settings, but cannot get this to work. Alfred has full accessibility permissions, executing "lock" works just fine. Have toggled on and off and restarted Alfred anyways, but no luck. Am I missing something obvious here? Thank you.
  10. Hello, Any idea why percentage calculations have stopped working? This used to be really helpful. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the on-going updates here - this is still probably my most-used workflow. In the latest update I noticed the time, e.g "Enable until 11:42" - but the time for me is an hour behind. I am in the UK where we're on BST. Is there something I should change here? Thanks!
  12. My apologies. I'll look in closer detail at the arguments. I also need to investigate why DND seems to enable even when selecting No, and why Clear doesn't seem to work. I might be overlooking something:
  13. @giovanni the one thing that doesn't seem to work is the default length. E.g I cannot use "Meeting" without entering a length:
  14. It works!! 😍 Thank you so much. I mean I'm biased but I would love a more comprehensive version where we could choose the emoji, messaging, default length etc. I can see how I can already edit them though, so will experiment now. Thank you so much!
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