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  1. Okay understood. Thank you so much - really appreciate it
  2. Could this high CPU from Ruby be the cache rebuilding with :gdlaunchd? My M1 MBP has been sluggish over the past few days - I killed the ruby process and it seems to be running fine again. Thanks
  3. Sorry. NOW I tried the latest one, rebuilt, and it works like a dream again SQLITE seems to be the winner.
  4. I'm testing the SQLITE version again - it's ~30 mins since running :gdrebuildcache and nothing yet. Could I be doing something wrong? Thanks! EDIT: 39 minutes after and I got the notification, however I also got an error:
  5. FIND - Very slow to build cache (10-15 mins), but once going it works nicely. JSON - Cache notification shows within seconds (not sure if this is right), then when I try a search it locks up, so I have to force quit Alfred. SQLITE - I can't seem to rebuild the cache, tried a few times but not getting the notification at all - installed and uninstalled. Going to restart and try again!
  6. Thanks so much @vitor! I'm working through all 3 now. (Takes a little while to build the cache with my 500GB - will report back soon!)
  7. It definitely took a while to rebuild the cache this time - over 15 minutes (but I do have 500GB in there. Although mostly media, not a huge volume of individual files.) Interestingly the quality of search has changed for me. Using my ongoing example of the folder "Courses" which sits at /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/Courses - it can no longer be seen: EDIT: What's weird is given some time it now seems to be working. Fewer results, but more relevant - it's finding the folder I want
  8. Did you actually download the new new version from his post? Use this one → https://transfer.sh/1xeVpJI/Google Drive.alfredworkflow
  9. You've nailed it! 🙌🙌🙌 Please let us know if you put this on Github or somewhere we can promote it. There are a lot of people that would like this functionality 😄
  10. Wow - the speed after the cache is built is fantastic! This is so close to being perfect. I am however now facing an issue where the same search results don't appear anymore. It seems to be finding files but not folders. For example continuing with my "courses" example (I have a folder at /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/Courses) - this folder itself no longer shows. The results are from a different folder - /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/Personal - where there are files that contain the name "course" somewhere or other. There are 18 results and they all show the "Personal" folder. If I leave a partial search in there then you can see files from the folder "Courses" show, but not the folder itself. Thanks so much!
  11. @physiltant Is Alfred indexing your Drive folder now, since trying vitor's new workflow? Are your folders that are indexed streamed, or downloaded locally? Mine are all streamed, and this is what I see:
  12. @vitor I can't see that Alfred is indexing them yet, but I'll keep trying. Sorry - I misunderstood the functionality. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. @vitor the indexing works! Unfortunately it's unusable for me because the search takes ~8 seconds before showing a result, and selecting a result doesn't actually open it anywhere. I really appreciate your help to find a solution.
  14. @vitor I ran the script on my MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) and it executed in seconds, showing everything as expected ✅ I'm not convinced this is a workaround - when I tried this it started downloading files offline. What we're looking for is for Spotlight/Alfred to be able to index the structures and files even when streamed.
  15. Waited ~15 mins since initially starting Yeah theres a few hundred GB Google Drive directory is still at /Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) - Big Sur 11.5 Alfred 4.5.1 [1256] Thanks!
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