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  1. Just merged Dexwell's improvements, plus some other changes. The download link in the original post should get you the latest version.
  2. I think the "spirit" of the use is fine, as it's not like the workflow is scraping content off their info pages and publishing it elsewhere, or anything like that. It's just taking a publicly-available resource and using it to more easily jump to pages on their site. It's just like the user is searching from their home page, only now it's a reflex away instead of a dozen keystrokes. If IMDB/Amazon objects, I will take it down, though.
  3. It's a little glitch from how the API works. (It only matches the first 4-5 characters and returns an error after that.) I've been planning to find a fix, but it looks like Dexwell implemented something for it. You might want to check it out. (I'm going to have a look at the code and see if I can merge some of the changes and push an update to my repo.)
  4. Looks nice. I was meaning to find away around the 4-5 character limitation of the API, but it looks like you've beat me to it. It looks like you might have broken the fallback search I had for queries that don't match a suggestion. (If you search for something bogus like "\" for example. In mine you could hit enter and go to an IMDB search page for the term.) I'll review your code soon and see if I can merge it into my repo.
  5. Alfred 2 making that IMDB web search a little boring? How about a shiny new workflow for IMDB search suggestions? It leverages IMDB's own suggest protocol to deliver snappy results right into Alfred. (Really, it's fast. They're using static JSON files on a CDN.) Selecting a result will take you directly to the page for the film or name you're looking for, or if there are no suggestions, you can jump to a plain IMDB search page instead. Download GitHub Repo
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