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  1. Issue Alfred keeps crashing when in focus and fn + arrow keys pressed Version Alfred 4.0.9 pre-release Build 1142 macOS 10.15.3 (19D76) 1st Steps to reproduce Launch Alfred Bring Alfred to focus using command + space bar Type do not type any data, but use keyboard combination of "fn" + right arrow key 1st Result Alfred crashes Relaunch Alfred and issue repeats with the exact steps consistently 2nd Steps to reproduce Launch Alfred Bring Alfred to focus using command + space bar T
  2. Hi @Andrew, i did add all the folders in my home folder, including finite ones (dot prefixed). I’ve dropped you an email as requested. Thanks Ben
  3. Hi @Andrew, I tired as suggested, showing invisible files showed a number of Files and Folders Drag all Folders into default search scope No issue with Mail/Message attachments appearing in Alfred Drag a File into default search scope Issue reappeared with Mail/Message attachments appearing in Alfred It appears dragging a file into default search scope adds "~", I'm assuming this is adding entire Home folder to scope Below is a list of files/folders in my home folder using terminal "ls -al" command. Let me know if I ca
  4. @ben.mcmurry for ~/Library/Mobile Documents, I dragged that folder into the search scope manually (without checking "Include folders in Home". This allowed me to search iCloud documents without Mail (and iMessage) attachments/downloads appearing in results.
  5. Thanks Vero for the suggestions, I've done as suggested. Took Screenshots of "Default Results" and "File Search" settings (see images 01 - 08) Unchecked "Include folders in Home", dragged in every folder in Home Folder into Search Scope, excluding ~/Library (see image 09) Alfred is now searching correctly compared to when "Include folders in Home" is checked, (see images 10 - 11) You can view the screenshots here - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tnafsy4c1rvw138/AAApSYur3yRP4gZSPR1r0p11a?dl=0 Thanks Ben
  6. I've created a hack with a workflow to workaround this bug. Change the General Alfred Hotkey to something else Disable Quick Search in "File Search" preference pane Create a new workflow Hotkey with: Action = Show in Alfred Argument = Text Value = ' File Filter Keyword = ' Search Scope = desired files Open File
  7. Hi Andrew, I'm starting this thread up again. Alfred is still showing Mail attachment downloads in the file search. I've tried to re-index Spotlight a few times and it does not help. Do you have any further suggestions? Ben
  8. Hi Alfred Team, Recently I've noticed a lot of Mail attachment downloads appearing in my File Search. I use [spacebar] to start a File Search and start typing, e.g. abc The results show a list of files, one which is in my documents folder and the rest which are in '~/Library/Mail/V5/x/x/x/abc.txt I've been able to do a workaround by: Preference > Default Results > Uncheck "Include folders in Home" Add all folders in Home excluding ~/Library into Search Scope It seems the grey help text "Excluding ~/Library" under the check box is
  9. I know this is an old topic, but since moving to 10.12 this no longer works for me. It opens a New Tab, but puts the query in the existing tab first
  10. Thanks Vero, sorry for taking so long in responding
  11. Steps to reproduces – Create a TextEdit file a save to Desktop – Select file in Finder and Get Info, check the "Stationary Pad" option. – Double clicking the file in Finder opens a copy of the original – Opening using Alfred opens to original Was able to reproduce every time using different file types, bbedit, Mou, TextEdit. Alfred version - 2.5.1 (308) OS X version - 10.10.1
  12. Try saving the automator workflow as an Application, this way it will open and run as a separate application. If you need to edit the workflow open the Automator app, Go to "File > Open" and select the file.
  13. If you go to the workflow section in the Alfred 2 Preferences. Click the "+" (bottom right), then use the template: Templates > Files and Apps > Launch file group from keyword. The workflow is created, double click the workflow elements to edit your keyword trigger and to drag your Automator file into the "Launch Apps/Files"
  14. I've switched to using iCloud syncing with 1Password 4. Alfred now can't find the 1Password keychain. Is it possible with the current Alfred to access the keychain in stored in iCloud "~/Library/Mobile Documents/"?
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