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  1. About half the time, when I open the "file action" interface with shift-cmd-G on a folder, my clipboard gets overwritten with the name of the folder. This happens only from opening the interface. I have not selected any action in these screenshots. Alfred v3.6.1 [910] macOS 10.13.4
  2. @Vero Fair enough. All I mean by "totally broken" is that Evernote crashes when I run "ent". That's it. "enn" works. Those are the only two commands I use regularly, with a rare need for "ens" if I titled a note poorly. I'm using the App Store version of Evernote 6.12 and the workflow v9 beta 2. I don't see a different version of the workflow for the App Store version. I have found a work-around: I can keep the main Evernote window open and minimized and that makes "ent" work again. Before Evernote 6.12, I could run "ent" without the main Evernote browser window open and it would pop up whatever note I searched. If I do that now, Evernote crashes.
  3. Well, I'm on the release version of Evernote 6.12 and using the Alfred workflow is totally broken for me on "ent" searches. I'm so sad about this. I've been using this workflow as an integral part of my day multiple times a day for years and now I can't. It's really destroying my productivity.
  4. Do you have PayPal? I want to donate money to you for doing such a good job maintaining this workflow. I use it every day multiple times a day.
  5. I use this workflow every day, multiple times a day. It has revolutionized the way I use Evernote. Thank you. I have one feature request: partial match of at least ent, maybe ens if it makes sense. For example, if I am looking for the note called "Media Times", "ent me" returns a blank list. I have to type all the way to "ent media" before I get results. Thanks again.
  6. I have Alfred on my work computer and home computer and am constantly updating the workflows on one or the other. A restart is required to load the settings stored in iCloud by one computer to the settings on the other.
  7. This is a noob question but, how do I find the latest version?
  8. Everything works for me now. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Speed is not an issue anymore and I am able to add tasks. However, unfortunately, I don't see any feedback in the Alfred result list (e.g. when only typing "things" or when searching).
  10. That would be awesome. I appreciate the work, considering this is a personal project.
  11. Okay. I tried the AppleScript version. It appears to just transfer the performance cost to Things itself, which becomes non-functional and must be killed. I strongly suspect the performance issues Conrey and I are experiencing are due to having huge Logbooks from years of daily use. From what you are saying, the Things AppleScript support does not provide a O(1) method for filtering out Logbook tasks (and instead requires the prohibitively long O(N) iterative check you reference). If this is the case, I doubt your workflow will be able to support long-time Things users, unfortunately.
  12. I've been using Things for about 2 years, so I'm guessing this is the issue. You may be able to mitigate performance issues if you omit entries from the Logbook from processing until they are requested. Though this is just a guess since I can't get the workflow going.
  13. Okay. I removed whatever easy_install installed. Same issues still: huge performance hit (99% CPU) from ThingsWorkflow which I have to terminate in Activity Monitor and no results. I ran ./ThingsWorkflow and it is not giving me any obvious errors, though it did not perform as well as your screencast. Should I post its output here?
  14. This workflow isn't working for me at all. When I type "things" it just hangs and creates a process that blows away my CPU and slows my system (which I then have to kill using Activity Monitor). I opened your source code for act.py and noticed that you import "alp". I ran "easy_install alp" and seem to have installed it. However, the workflow is still non-functional and behaves the same. How do I install this?
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