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  1. Ddayracer, sorry you're having a bad day. Since I knew I could change everything *but* the cursor, I asked *if* there is a way to somehow change it. And if not, well, this is the *suggestions* forum thread, isn't it? Thanks for your kind help, though. - Ben
  2. Hey Tyler, thanks! Well then, can't have it all, so I'll just enjoy the existing awesomeness then. Thanks again for all your help! - Ben
  3. Whoah, thanks for your fast and kind replies, and even the time to make a mock up! :-) I was thinking of the cursor itself, something like here: http://www.iawriter.com/mac/ Or here: http://ulyssesapp.com/#daedalus - Ben
  4. Hey Ddyracer, thanks, and thanks for your answer :-) Thanks for the hint—yes, I know about it. But. Blue. Cursor! :-) - Ben
  5. Hey there, thank you very much for Alfred 2 :-) Beside all the cool stuff you can do with it, I also enjoy its ways to customize it. The only thing I can't change though is the color (and probably the thickness) of the cursor. I'd love to have it in blue (think iA Writer, Ulysses 3, iOS etc.). Is there any way to change it? If not—well, thanks for your consideration in advance! Yours, - Ben
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