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  1. I've just made a simple workflow to test whether a Regular Expression matches a given string. You type the match keyword followed by the regex to test against everything that comes after. I hope someone else find it useful. Here's the download link: http://cl.ly/Og94 Any bug or feature requests, please ping me at https://twitter.com/samflores.
  2. Search in the jQuery API documentation and open the selected item in the default browser. Use the jqapi keyword followed by the search term. Download link: http://cl.ly/OH6s
  3. Search for JavaScript and CSS documentation from Mozilla Developer Network. Use the mdn keyword followed by the search term. Alfred will open the documentation page in the default browser. Download here: http://cl.ly/OI3N
  4. I like to hide my Desktop icons, specially when I'm going to present a keynote. This is a very simple workflow that executes a shell command to toggle the Desktop icon. I Hope someone else find it useful. Just use the keyword deskicons. Download Link: http://cl.ly/OEG8 If it's not working properly (no change, or icons reappearing in a few seconds) try executing the following command in the terminal: defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop 1 After that it should work fine.
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