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  1. Just pushed an update to Packal and Github that hopefully fixes the above preference issues.
  2. This should be working again in the newest version uploaded to Packal and Github. Please put Pedro through his paces and let me know if there's still an issue (or a new one!). Thanks!
  3. Shoot, thanks for letting me know about this! I'm pretty sure it has to do with how fast Alfred updates itself after you type a key but before actioning the given preference selection. I thought I had fixed it but looks like I need to tweak a little bit more. I'll give this a deeper dive tomorrow evening or definitely this weekend.
  4. Just pushed an update to DJ Pedro (v.1.6.01) that includes the brand new Save Playlist feature. This can be triggered manually on a created playlist via keyword or, if you feel adventurous, it will auto-create every time DJ Pedro makes you a new playlist (enable this in the prefs window). Ideas for changes, improvements, etc., are welcome. Enjoy!
  5. Great! Thanks for letting me know it wasn't working - I had zero idea that the updated version never made it to Packal. I was moving at the time and suspect I just totally forgot... :-/
  6. Thanks for this info! It looks like an update I pushed back in September 2016 never made it to the Packal updater system - no idea why, but it's there now (link here). When you have time, please download this new version v1.5.02. My revision notes indicate it corrected an issue in iTunes following changes in how the 'song' variable works. My guess is this should help solve your problem. Please let me know if it does or doesn't; I'll be around later this weekend to try and help if more is needed. If it still gives you trouble, try updating to the newest Alfred - they pushed out v3.4 just a couple days ago. I'm working on cleaning up the workflow a bit and will incorporate the save function into that update. My guess is it will be within a week or so. Thanks for your input on this, I didn't think anyone but me would like that feature. :-)
  7. Just realized I never actually replied to your earlier message - apologies for that! I read it and responded in my head but forgot to type it up. :-( Regarding your suggestion, that's a great idea and in fact it's something that I built a separate workflow for myself to do already. I have been trying to think through the best way to implement it because, I imagine, a user wouldn't necessarily want every single run of Pedro to generate a new playlist. The workflow I built essentially adds a new Playlist folder ("DJ Pedro Playlists") and can save a copy of the current DJ Pedro playlist to the folder on demand via hotkey ("%current_artist% Playlist"). That way you can decide when to save one if you happen to like what Pedro gives you. It's also really easy to go through iTunes and select any of those playlist that you want synced to your device for while you're on the go. That's what we use it for in my house - generating cool new playlists for long car rides. If that sounds lie something you think would be worth adding to the general Workflow release, I am more than happy to incorporate it
  8. Hey Codec, sorry that he's stopped working. I tried this morning and couldn't recreate your error. Can you check if there's an update to Alfred on your system that might fix the issue? A couple other follow-ups, which you may have already checked: Do you get this error on any one specific artist, or have you tried multiple choices and get the same error? Have you updated any software on your machine prior to getting this error? I haven't pushed an update to Pedro in a little while, so it's likely an external conflict that I will try to hunt down. Thanks!
  9. Yeah I couldn't get that one to work for me, but I didn't try too hard. Glad my updates are working for you; thanks for all the feedback!
  10. In case anyone is wondering why this workflow hasn't worked, feel free to blame Last.fm for breaking their APIs with no fix in sight. I have re-written this workflow using a few different tricks so that it works again. Download from Packal here.
  11. You can revert to the included apikey if you like; Discogs has gone back to the simpler API process that it originally used and you only need the apikey that I include to make it work. There was a lot of back-and-forth when they were upgrading their API system and apparently they went back to something much easier to implement so I basically just reverted to my original version of the workflow. You are correct that the whole OAuth initialization setup process is no longer part of this workflow, thank goodness. I also fixed my Last.fm workflow to use a few different API calls that get around the broken ones (artist.search still doesn't work). Out of curiosity, which Last.fm workflow are you using? The only other one I found is here and it doesn't seem to work anymore.
  12. It looks like the updated 1.13 never got fully pushed through the intertubes. Can you try updating to the current version that's on Packal? Discogs updated their API again and removed all the complexity that version 1.11 addressed. This workflow is back to being very simple again. Regarding Last.fm: They're still in the middle of a massive website/API update and their API is broken all over the place. I may try to rebuild this workflow to use only the currently working parts, but that might end up being more trouble than it's worth, if it all changes again. Sadly, right now all I can do is monitor the help forums until they get their trouble sorted out. Thanks!!
  13. Thanks for letting me know, sorry that you're having trouble! Unfortunately, I'm away from my machine to try and fix this for a few days but I will check it out ASAP. Can you confirm that you're trying to run this workflow essentially on a brand new fresh install of Alfred on a new computer? Or is this something you migrated over from your old computer, and after the move it no longer works?My gut tells me that Discogs may have changed something in their process and I just need to update the workflow's set up. Shouldn't be too tough, I hope.
  14. That's a great idea. I was waiting patiently for the day when maybe the remote app is able to auto-populate triggers within itself, but if this is fairly easy I could add a few blank triggers to the workflow and provide examples for anyone that wants them. I'll probably mess around today and add that as a minor update.
  15. Ok, well that's great to know it works for you at all. :-) I'm going to package this up and send it over to Packal as an official release but nothing will change from the version you have now. I think the issue you might be running into above is the speed that Discogs and your internet are talking to each other, especially if the search works after a second try. Please let me know if you run into this issue more frequently, as it might be something I can address. Also, if you're getting that error with the same list of artists there could be a bug in how the workflow reads certain artist name (odd characters, for example). It looks like the one you show above is for "Kreator" which definitely should not cause issues. Thanks for helping me track down the source of your troubles, it's been extremely helpful!
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