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  1. Don't suppose you could put this on GitHub so I can more easily track updates?
  2. Awesome, nice work. Do you think it would be an idea to allow the configuration of diff editor?
  3. If you search for something with a special character in it (i.e. $), this workflow will not match any results. I.e: http://cl.ly/image/3m1e0N0k3r1e When I try to find this item by searching for `$eq`, I get: http://cl.ly/image/051d1u2S352e Are special characters being escaped?
  4. Is it possible to action an item from the list of search results without playing the music? I.e. if I wanted to visit an artist's page but not play their music yet.
  5. It would be really nice if this supported searching for artists and albums as well as songs. Is that possible?
  6. iTunes was recently updated to allow control of AirPlay video AppleScript. I was wondering if someone could make a workflow for it? Here's a small example script: tell application "iTunes" set apNames to (get name of AirPlay devices) set apDevices to (get AirPlay devices) set rez to choose from list apNames with prompt "Select Airplay:" with multiple selections allowed if rez is false then return set apPlays to {} repeat with i from 1 to length of apNames if item i of apNames is in rez then set end of apPlays to item i of apDevices end repeat set current AirPlay devices to apPlays end tell
  7. I often close a tab and then have to go to the history menu in Chrome to relocate it. It would be lovely if I could type in "history" and then a keyword to filter through my history. Just an idea, if anybody wants to create it!
  8. Great. Here's what I've put together, although I can't understand why it doesn't return anything: http://cl.ly/2b3P0s273m14 Thank you so much for your help thus far!
  9. -a outputs more along the lines of: Built-in Microphone (input) Built-in Output (output) AirPlay (output) Whereas -n outputs just: AirPlay … for example. I would need to trim the " (output)". If you could provide an example of how to do this, it would be appreciated. My knowledge of Ruby sucks (I never code in Ruby!). Edit: just seen you don't know Ruby either. I'll ask on IRC
  10. I had a go at doing that but my knowledge of Ruby is not good enough. The SwitchAudioSource CLI only gives you a list of available output devices, so I would need to compare that with the next output device to find the current output device. Unless you fancy having a go?
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