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  1. Maybe there is hope: "not yet". From the announcement in evernote's blog.
  2. My understanding is that Evernote 10 has atm no applescript capabilities. In other words the workflow won't work with this version. However they also released a legacy version which seems to be working with this workflow and can be installed alongside Evernote Version 10.
  3. Is this still actively maintained? I can't seem to get fallback results to work. Evernote is configured as one of the fallback results providers, however when I press return to search for the term with evernote alfred's search box simply closes and nothing happens.
  4. For some reason, umlauts in URLs in the open url action or the custom search don't work. This is how it looks: http://cl.ly/image/2s250P2m2u1i This is the URL I try to use: http://www.booklooker.de/Bücher/Angebote/titel={query} Am I doing anything wrong or have I encountered a possible bug here? Any help is appreciated. The version of Alfred 2 I'm using is v2.1.1 (227)
  5. Thanks for your reply, Vítor. I did read some portion of the two posts you've mentioned, but I can't see how I can access these <title></title> <subtitle></subtitle> attributes for using them in, say, a workflow that takes the title and subtitle of my example and formats them in a markdown link and copys them to my pasteboard. I don't need to put stuff in my results that is not already found by the file filter, I want to use the info that is found and shown in the results. Maybe I've overlooked something, but it seems to me, that the two posts answer the question of how to get stuff in the results, whereas I want to accomplish the opposite.
  6. I want to work with the two strings I see when I am using a file filter, but I don't knwo how I can access them in my workflow. I found a Workflow that searches my Safari browsing history and opens the recently viewed URLs I've searched. Although this is not the functionality I want, it's a good starting point. In order to build a workflow that works I would need to parse the results as they are shown in the alfred window: How can I access 1. and 2. in my alfred workflow? (Note, that 1. and 2. is relative to what the user is going to decide is the best result for his or her search.) There have to be tokens for this kind of thing, right?
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