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  1. Thanks @vitor! I wasn't aware of Universal Action Triggers, this is amazing. Really great to know, I might try and layer it in to the existing workflow!
  2. I haven't packaged this up as a distributable workflow since it's so personalized for whatever issue tracker you're using and branch format you prefer, but I find this workflow to be extremely useful for my day-to-day use. I walk you through creating it here: https://blog.joe.codes/generating-git-branches-from-your-issue-tracker-using-alfred/
  3. I was tinkering with an idea this past weekend after developing a slightly complex multi-step workflow, would love some feedback on it. I know it's a long read, the basic idea is: Is it smart to build a workflow that knows very little and relies on an API to directly serve Alfred results and decide what paths to take? The workflow ultimately serves as a basic input collector, and cumulatively passes the information back to the API. I think it's definitely interesting, but am interested to hear what people think. https://blog.joe.codes/api-controlled-alfred-workflows-an-experiment/
  4. Thanks @godbout! Good call on the Swift library, I'll have to check it out. I figure there are enough developers out there that are still using PHP that it's worthwhile, but yes, it's a bummer that it doesn't ship with the system anymore. If anyone is ever looking for a Swift library I'll point them in your direction!
  5. @godboutgreat job with the library! I just released v1.0.0 of my library, updated to reach feature parity with all of the new Alfred features (sorry it took so long to update). Just wanted to give you a heads up! You can find all of the documentation for the library here: https://www.alfredphpworkflows.com/ Hope it's helpful!
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