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  1. Hi Giovanni, Little problem here, Workflow open todoist task in browser, how to redirect into client? Thank you
  2. Solved! I checked "Music" in tab "alfred 5" in Automation preferences : ) Thank you!
  3. Thank you Vero! It works! I needed to run the "reload" command. I tried both manually adding the "alfred:ignore" tag, which works well for files not in the Applications folder (I can't tag multiple files at once because it asks for a password to make changes in that directory), and the privacy spotlight method. I don't find the workflow convenient; it doesn't allow me to have a good overview of the files I want to exclude. Which approach do you recommend between tagging and using the Spotlight privacy feature?
  4. Search Scope Problems here! : S Alfred 5, Ventura 13.5.2 Hi, i tried with adding app in privacy setting for spotlight, with this guide. Nothing, Ist still Alfred use Spotlight Metadata? I tried to remove everything here: Still continue to show me app in results, It seems i havent a clear control of search scope, It all seems so simple, but it doesn't work as expected. Has anyone already solved this problem?
  5. Hello, Issues with the mini music player Alfred 5 with powerpack OS version: 13.5.2 (22G91) The music player recognizes the items, which are locally stored music, i havent the subscription. However, pressing the play button and other keys doesn't trigger any action. Additionally, album artwork, for example, is not visible. Anyone who has already resolved this issue or the developers of Alfred, can you help me? Thank you
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