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Mini player music does not work

Matteo Starc

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Issues with the mini music player

Alfred 5 with powerpack
OS version: 13.5.2 (22G91)

The music player recognizes the items, which are locally stored music, i havent the subscription. However, pressing the play button and other keys doesn't trigger any action. Additionally, album artwork, for example, is not visible.

Anyone who has already resolved this issue or the developers of Alfred, can you help me?

Thank youScreenshot2023-10-26alle10_25_24.thumb.png.87947d25d7f7d162bd534a9d7b9d6828.pngScreenshot2023-10-26alle10_25_37.thumb.png.7cf1b0185378f17b9a822fb4a6101593.png

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@Matteo Starc When the Mini Player launches, it will also launch the Music app in the background. 


First, I would suggest looking at the Music app and checking whether there are any promotional screens from Apple, or new terms & conditions to agree to. Once these are cleared, the Music app should start playing normally.


If you've made changes to your music library, you can also use Cmd + R while the Mini Player is showing, so that Alfred can reload the music you have in case you're trying to play an album that either isn't available or has been moved. Let us know how you get on :)

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