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  1. Hi, So I'm a newbie, but I've managed to install Google assistant using terminal and can access it there. I want to use this alfred workflow http://www.packal.org/workflow/google-assistant to launch Google Assistant in the background but can't get the workflow to talk to python. Currently I have to type " source env/bin/activate and then: python -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.pushtotalk The way the workflow is originally does not correspond to the steps I take to launch Google Assistant using Terminal. Can someone help me modify the workflow script to allow me to use Alfred to trigger Google Assistant? Many Thanks, Stephan
  2. I didn't join the forum just to +1, but this is only the second time I've logged in and I'm really sending a big +1 for this topic! I am an OSX/Android user too!
  3. Great piece of software. I just have one problem. I installed the workflow, downloaded one audio file from youtube, then the whole thing stopped working. Notification center says its downloading but I can't see where the files end up. I've tried editing the download path but it doesn't help. Nothing appears to be downloading. Help!
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