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  1. Ah, I hadn't thought of that! Nice one! I really appreciate this! As I said, I hadn't set out to create it myself, I mistakenly assumed a workflow would already exist! I am attempting to learn scripting (my only previous coding experience was in C a long time ago when I was at school), but a) wasn't planning on using AppleScript and didn't expect to get thrown in at the deep end! So I really do appreciate your help, not only for the workflow, but furthering my knowledge as well. Thanks, Bethany
  2. Thank you so much! Works perfectly Just had to figure out how to get it to quit after the note was made, but managed it eventually! Cheers, Bethany
  3. Hi, Okay, please forgive me for any mistakes I make here! This is my first, very basic, AppleScript workflow. It is probably terribly done and completely wrong, but I was proud and wanted to share it! It's very simple, just creates a note in the Notes app. It can either close immediately after or (by pressing alt) can leave the app open. I apologise if this workflow is a duplicate of someone else's, I couldn't find one by searching when I looked, as I wasn't originally planning on creating it myself! I was hoping somebody could give me some advice on extending the workflow to add a notification when successful. I wanted to display the contents of the note in the notification, but using {query} just results in a blank message! Any corrections, improvements and modifications are very welcome! Workflow available here: http://d.pr/f/H7f6
  4. Hi, AlfPT was working great for me, up until yesterday. Now nothing at all loads, either under the update or the install commands. Even update -f gives no results. I thought maybe I just didn't have any updates, but I remembered that there is actually a message in the subtext that tells you this, which does not appear anymore. I have left it running for over five minutes, and still no change. I think I have the latest version - updated via link on first page; I have also just updated to latest Alfred beta. Any ideas?! Thanks - AlfPT is great!
  5. THANK YOU! It's perfect Prices and everything! Cheers.
  6. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I am currently looking for books on Python so I can start to make some workflows myself. Might be a while until I master it though! Cheers.
  7. Thanks, this is really useful. I was wondering (cheekily) if there was any way to use Kobo as the source, as that's the ereader I own. I know very little about Python, and wouldn't know where to begin to change things. Is there a simple way to do it, or am I being far too ambitious? Thanks so much, I really appreciate your work
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