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  1. I love your idea ! Installed in Alfred and synchronized between my laptop and iMac. It works great on the MacBook but not at all on the iMac ... Nothing happen. Any idea ? Thanks in advance --- OS X.9.2 & Alfred v2.2
  2. +1 to CarlosNZ Shareable link directly from a workflow would be great !
  3. Hi hankydysplasia You have three modifications to make : --YOUR_DISK_NAME is Macintosh HD by default --YOUR_USERNAME is, well, the current logged user --YOUR_NUMBER for the number that is displayed in your public Dropbox URL Works great for me ! Thanks
  4. Thanks, explanations are limpid ! It's OK for me
  5. Yes, I agree. Maybe we could do a "participative" or "collaborative" translation through the forum ?
  6. Hi Florian Thanks for your answer. I did not succeed to join the server ... I'll try again tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
  7. This is my new default theme ! Thanks / merci
  8. Hi Florian, Thanks for this wonderfull workflow ! Works great with a local transmission server (same machine). Free (french ISP) use a transmission server on his last box named "Freebox". To manage my torrents directly on the Freebox, I'm using "Transmission Remote GUI" ( http://code.google.com/p/transmisson-remote-gui/ ) I'm a very rookie (un bleu bite complet in french) in scripting / coding / ... But is it possible to adapt your workflow to the transmission server on the Freebox ? Thanks / merci
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