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  1. I think you have just saved me weeks, heck, months of saved time, given how many times a day I no longer need to perform time-consuming searches for something I have now stored inside a dedicated Excel spreadsheet, that is a mere few keystrokes away... So, THANK YOU! 👍
  2. Oh WOW. Thanks for this – will play around with both your options – but Dean's looks really good/powerful! [EDIT] >> Installed and using. Thank you for pointing me to the ISYN workflow – just what I was looking for! Plenty of time going to be saved, daily, for me!
  3. Dear Vero – thanks so much for the quick reply! I would create it from existing data – so can have it in whichever format/style – could certainly do a .csv file. It would be static for pretty much the entire year. Each February, I would add new names (and optionally, remove old details). The datasheet would probably consist of about 2k names (maybe a bit less/more), and a related "client number" (so only two columns).
  4. Hello all! Hoping some experienced users can guide me on this – not sure what would be the appropriate/easier tool. I receive queries on an hourly basis from "clients", which – to process their query further – requires their "client number". Assume I am able to compile a simple Excel/Numbers spreadsheet, that has two columns: Column 1 | Column 2 Name | Client number Ideally, would it be possible to invoke an Alfred workflow, and start typing a name, to then have a list (extracted from the spreadsheet) start appearing – and when narrow
  5. Wait, what??! ? Wow. I just maximised the Alfred editor, and saw the OneUpdater node, top-left. Clearly, I was the confused one! I clearly didn't read properly, and thought the user needed to add the node, should they prefer. Gah! That said, somewhere, something isn't working as it should. The workflow is still sitting on version 1.2.4, which is why I tried to drop in OneUpdater in the first place (after seeing that new versions had dropped), thinking it would then do the updates. Regardless, I have disabled my node now, and will
  6. Appreciate the reply and assistance @vitor – I have made the change, wouldn't have spotted that. I just want to be clear – so I copy the appropriate Run Script node, paste it into the BE workflow, and link the node to my most frequently used BE workflow 'action'. Once the URLs are then in place, is the idea that upon me firing the BE trigger a few times, the Script will periodically check the GitHub repository of the BE workflow, and if there is a newer version available, install it in the background? Or will I be prompted?
  7. Hoping someone who has the OneUpdater script attached to the BE workflow, will be kind enough to check whether I have the URL settings correct? I attached the OneUpadter script to my most frequently used BE trigger, and set the update frequency to "0" while testing, but it is still running v1.2.4, as opposed to having updated to the newest version. Am I pointing OneUpdater at the right place? # THESE VARIABLES MUST BE SET. SEE THE ONEUPDATER README FOR AN EXPLANATION OF EACH. readonly remote_info_plist="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iandol/bookends-tools/
  8. @iandol Have you seen Jon's offer for a beta-test in regards to the new floating window, over at the SonnySoftware forum? Been playing around with it, hope you will share your thoughts!
  9. This workflow is ridiculously helpful - thank you for all the time and effort put into creating (and updating) it. Makes the interaction between Bookends and Scrivener seamless.
  10. Thank you for this! I used to use the excellent Skimmer workflow, available through these forums - but unfortunately Sierra seems(?) to have broken it. Stumbled across yours, and works a charm!
  11. Thank you for the clear explanation - I get it now!
  12. Greetings! Under AlfredPreferences/Features/Dictionary, right at the bottom under "Spell a word", is a check-box next to "Paste word on action", with "... after copying it to the clipboard" as description. Blame the lack of coffee today - but what does this setting do? Cannot work out/see any difference regardless of it being selected, since I'm presumably not pasting/actioning right? Could someone please enlighten me? Many thanks!
  13. You've had me go and look, and now - in running tests - some things are starting to happen. On my 'older' smart folders, created many years ago, the workflow is working as it should. It hadn't occurred to me to check it on older folders, I was simply checking the two I created today. In ONE of the new smart folders, after several seconds following me pressing Tab, the 'hits' are revealed, but they are not the correct ones. By way of background - both of my smart folders are watching a specific Folder. One is telling me what new (client) folders have been created in that Folder
  14. Your screenshot explains what I'm missing. What a pity - that would have been really useful! I've tried the edit and re-save, with no difference. I'll reboot in a bit, maybe that will cause something to trigger. Regardless, thanks for the assistance in trying to sort this out!
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