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  1. In that case the notification panel appears and the variable query in Post Notification is empty. But I don't know the script is working correctly because coding error doesn't prevent appearing a notification panel.
  2. No. set q to "foo" don't work. Strictly speaking, the query which Post Notification receive is empty.
  3. Thanks Tyler Eich. You are right. They are just my typos. The correct scripts I wrote are set q to "foo" or set q to 0. The first one didn't work as I wish.
  4. I was encountered a strange problem with my workflow. I want to use Run NSApplescript to pass a string to NotificationCenter. So I wrote in Run NSApplescript as follows. set q "foo" return q And in Post Notification, Text: {query}. But the text field in NotificationCenter is empty. I also tested the case passing a number. ser q 0 return q Then NotificationCenter correctly showed 0 in the text field. What is wrong with the former case?
  5. Sorry, I didn't know I can't get support unless I fill the field. I edited my profile just now. Thank you.
  6. iTunes mini player got not to show album artworks when I clicked Reset Artwork. But iTunes shows artworks correctly. Please tell me the way to solve this problem. All album artworks are embedded in each music file. It may be relevant that the iTunes Music folder is in the SD card and the iTunes library xml file is in the SSD in my PC.
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