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  1. Also, found this useful workflow to back up preferences: https://alfred.app/workflows/alfredapp/backup-preferences/
  2. Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I managed to delete it after reverting from iCloud preference syncing to local preferences, according to https://www.alfredapp.com/help/advanced/sync/disable-sync/ .
  3. ChatFred refuses to be deleted. I'm using latest Aflred 5.5 with Powerpack. I selected ChatFred in Preferences/Workflows and clicked on the minus sign. Restarted Alfred, ChatFred is still there. I tried quitting Alfred and deleting the workflow folder (/Users/../Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.2B0A40EC-71DD-45B9-9CFA-86EB17E10497). OS didn't allow me to delete. I can only disable the workflow. I would be grateful for any help uninstalling it, now that we have https://alfred.app/workflows/alfredapp/openai/ by Alfred Team.
  4. A rather inconvenient and temporary workaround is to copy, rather than cut, and then delete the copied text before pasting.
  5. It seems to happen only when Review>Track Changes is selected.
  6. I tried removing CTRL X and CMD X from EditCut command in MS Word (in Customize Keyboard) but the issue still occurs when you select Cut by right-clicking.
  7. When the issue happens I'm typing COMMAND X once to cut a word/phrase. Instead, Alfred fast-appends selected text to the previous clipboard and makes the characteristic noise to let you know it has. EDIT: It just now happened when I typed COMMAND X, rather than COMMAND C. I can replicate it every time. I amended text above to reflect that. 'Fast-append' and 'Place merged' are both selected in Settings. I'm able to replicate it a second time (and a third and a fourth) by performing the same action. [EDIT: I was under the impression it happened randomly. I now think it's not random - it's just that it occurs with COMMAND X and not COMMAND C that gave me the impression that it was random. Apologies for the confusion.] Versions: Alfred 5.0.6 [2110] with Powerpack. Macbook Air M1 Ventura 13.2.1. Microsoft Word for Mac v. 16.69. See also Closed Bug https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/7358-clipboard-merge-causes-fast-append-when-not-wanted/ for recent reports of the issue.
  8. Brilliant! Keyword 'nt' indeed searches for tags. It's not mentioned in the Readme or in the forum but it's there if you open the workflow in Alfred. Your immediate reply is most appreciated, and if you ever find time to look into more tag functionality it would be great. I think a kind of tag cloud in Apple Notes is a much-needed feature, and anything you could do in that direction would be awesome. Cheers!
  9. @sballinThank you for this wonderful workflow - most helpful. I only came across it a couple of days ago but it's transformative. I have a feature request: I wonder if it would be possible to search for tags? Preferably for notes which have certain multiple tags, e.g. search for +food +recipe + vegetables. Even more helpful, would it be possible for the workflow to auto-suggest other tags used together with a specific tag, e.g. type tag:food and the workflow returns 'tag:recipe tag:vegetables' etc.? Perhaps this would be a tall order, I don't know. Your workflow is fantastic as is!
  10. You're not - I'm going nuts, too. I don't have iTerm on my Macbook Air M1 Monterey 12.6.1. The issue occurs at least in Microsoft Word for Mac v. 16.69 (not sure about other apps).
  11. Hi Nelson, still using your workflow full four years now! If only the single quote character (') didn't break it! Do you know any way to fix that? Whenever there's a possessive in the phrase I want to look up, the workflow does not work. No biggie, anyway, and thanks!
  12. Just downloaded to try. Workflow only succeeds in listing open tab results for a search, but fails to open selected tab in Safari with enter (does nothing). Does it currently work normally?
  13. Great workflow! A problem though: When the tab selected in the workflow is opened, it does not gain focus. The result is, if I act on this tab (close it, for instance), I act instead on some invisible tab that is still in focus. Any solutions? Thanks!
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